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Freelance Offline Editor, in person or remote, he works across many genres and platforms, including Cinema, Broadcast, and Content. Highly skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Avid.

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Freelance Colourist, in person or remote, he specialises in Commercials, Music Videos, and Feature Films. Highly skilled in Davinci Resolve Studio.


Award-Winning freelance Offline Editor and Colourist with over ten years’ experience, working in both short form and long form, with many high profile directors, agencies, production companies, and brands.

After completing his HND in Television Operations, he moved to London and completed a BA(Hons) at the University of the Arts, specialising in Editing.

Then, at the age of 20, he edited the winner of the ‘Best Film’ Award at the BAFTA Graduate Ceremony.

Shortly after, he got his start in the post production industry, working under Emmy and BAFTA nominated editor, Matt Lowe, in London. Starting as an edit assistant, then an assistant editor, and then onto a full editor. After his initial training, he then worked with everyone from unknown filmmakers, to Academy Award Winners.

In London, he works between various post houses in Soho, as a freelance offline editor and colourist. He has also worked in and has access to many suites across the UK, and in various locations across the world.

When Offline Editing, he can craft compelling stories and evoke emotions with his creative and technical flair. As a DI Colourist, he can enhance all kinds of footage and create unique looks. Working in Commercials, Music Videos, Dramas, Documentaries, Short Films and Feature Films for online, broadcast delivery or theatrical distribution. He can work side by side with clients in a suite, or work remotely.

Previous brands and clients include BBC, Channel 4, Coca-Cola, Vogue, Cutty Sark, Saatchi & Saatchi, and HSBC.

When not in the Edit or Grade suites, Matt enjoys playing golf, going to the Cinema, and writing sections on his website in the third person.


London | UK

Matt Williams
+44 (0)787 522 4625